1ST YEAR 一年級

Creative Design & Media (II)
數位媒體創作 (二)

Students are encouraged to challenge and break away from traditional approaches to design. In this class, students create innovative designs through the integration of art and technology. In the first part of class, students derive inspiration from ‘undefined’ sources like sounds and movements and reapply them in 2D and 3D forms. In the second part of the class, students conduct research and submit a proposal for their thesis.
繼續發展數位媒體創作(一) 概念、創作論文整理與發表第一階段 – 激發對周遭事物感受上的情感與詮釋。第二階段 – 2D、3D視覺語彙的詮釋與語言、聲音、肢體、文字對應的視覺意象。第三階段 – 議題的孕育與發想。第四階段 – 議題的生成與命名。第五階段 – 議題的成長與期許。第六階段.設計創作與論述報告

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