Workshop 工作營


International Workshop: Experiential Persona

2020.2.17 – 2.27

Tutor 講師 / Tuck-Wah Leong 梁達華


Introduction 介紹

To learn about the importance of user research before doing design
To learn about the value of stories when conducting user research
To learn about probes and to construct probes
To use stories and probes to conduct user research
To learn about Persona
To learn about Experiential Persona
To explore how to construct an Experiential Persona
To use an Experiential Persona to inspire design ideas (evaluation)
本次工作營將延續 2019 “Storytelling: Understanding, collecting, creating and working with narratives in Design” 工作營的內容,加上更進一步的延伸。

Tutor 講師介紹

Associate Professor in Interaction Design at University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
澳洲雪梨科技大學 互動設計 教授


Photography 現場紀錄




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