1ST YEAR 一年級

Special Topics in Design (I)
設計專題研討 (一)

The term teaching objectives are: Through the daily use of smart phones, to discuss its software and hardware design, Furthermore, attempts to using smartphone (iPhone / Android / Win Phone / BlackBerry) as a tool or resource for experimental art/ design project. Case study: “iPhone Choir” http://tw.tech.yahoo.com/apple_mobile/article/id/24485/ Note: This course will provide a smart phone or tablet for each group in this class for study, discussion and final project. Understanding the value of Communication Design in the Interactive/Mobile platform; Experiencing the smart phone interface and design in daily usage; Experiencing tons of mobile Apps on different platform; Using Smart phone as a tool or resource to do experimental art/ design project. Teaching plan (By-week teaching schedule) Understand the core value of Interactive/Mobile App design x 3 weeks Each study group (1~3 people) may receive a smart phone for the class, and evaluate each platform by daily usage x 3 weeks Each study group can pick one or more interesting App to discover its visual design, interface design and UI/UX experience for presentation x 3 weeks Experimental art/ design project proposal –Presentation x 3 weeks Experimental art/ design project –Final Presentation x 6 weeks

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