2ND YEAR 二年級

Seminar in Media and Visual Culture

How do we develop a media theory that’s adequate to account for all the forms of media and cross-mediation that we experience today? This seminar will provide an overview of contemporary theories of media, communication, semiotics, and visual culture to allow for an integrative viewpoint. Our themes will include the cultural encoding of the material forms media, mediation and cultural transmission, the rhetoric of communication and information technologies, and the institutional and social contexts of media and the visual arts. Readings will include seminal works in semiotics and discourse analysis, rhetoric, cultural theory, the sociology of media and technology, post-postmodern cultural theory, and contemporary theory in the visual arts. We will look closely at the work of Regis Debray and the model of mediology, which has attempted to describe a metatheory of communication and media. We will expand the application of mediology to contemporary media and visual culture. Students will be expected to create the seminar in real time through readings, discussion, proposal of cases and examples for study. Specific weekly topics for discussion and examples for applied theory will depend on seminar participants. Grading and weekly seminar assignments will be based on student presentations, short applied theory essays, and a final project involving the application of a theoretical mode to a contemporary case.

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