2ND YEAR 二年級

Design Tendency

This course introduces recent trends in art and performance theory while also focusing on the practical application of these concepts. During the semester, students generate their original self-comprehension of their own creation or performance about an issue, event, person, or historical topic of their own choosing. They construct the script using a variety of nonfiction sources including autobiographies, diaries, textbooks, interviews, and newspaper articles. This course challenges students to initiate an intuitive search of him/her-self and to consider the essence of creation as they embody their thoughts, feeling, and daily life events. Students learn basic interdisciplinary fields research methodologies and intuitive ways of self-interpretation in the class, encouraging them to critically examine the power dynamics implicit and impact of introspection in all extraneous and internal factors (such as social and psychological exchanges). The semester ends with each student representing a fully creation of costume or animation (for both section of fashion design and communications design) and a group public exhibition which integrates all the students’ final works.

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