Degree Show 畢業展

2008 MDES

A Frozen Second




Designers… artists… Have all experienced this sudden burst of inspiration, this inexplicable moment of illumination. A state of happiness and bliss… like the moment of…Lava exploding from a volcano. The stirrings of first love. Freely flowing thoughts. Jumping. Breaking. Perceiving. Defecating. Climaxing. Moment after moment, an infinite number of moments of reflection. At the time, the burst of inspiration might pass you by, or you might pass it on, or it might vanish just as quickly as it appeared, never to be found again.
This is the creative process. Capturing this illusive energy. Proceeding with unlimited hopes and expectations, coming together to fulfill this transient feeling, frozen in this moment of time.
“A Frozen Second” is the Institute of Fashion and Communications Design fourth graduate student portfolio. The process of producing this book has been the most challenging and the most rewarding. The students have been flying around the room like Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Professors are immersed in aged, yellowing, wedding photos. The romance of ancient fairy tales and the modernity of the present time and place combine to create a strange hybrid world. The book is a mixture of collage, assemblage, colors…
Compiling four years of the students’, teachers’, and alumni’s experiments, experiences, and energy. A book that draws you in, holds you, takes your breath away…A frozen second of time.
一群蜷在工作桌前剪剪貼貼的背影有的神遊,有的專注、有的昏盹(混沌)、有的哼著歌、有的啃著筆桿、有的嘟嚷著嘴巴破洞,瞬間,腦海閃過一道劃亮天際線的神聖光芒 ⋯⋯
做設計,做創作的人,一定有過靈光乍現的瞬間。怎麼說,就是一股說不出來的那種「天地時空萬物瞬間為我而靜止」的通體舒暢,好比 ⋯⋯ 情感进發的瞬間、思緒湧溢的瞬間、跳躍的瞬間、破碎的瞬間、排泄的瞬間、高潮的瞬間,很多讓人感動回味的瞬間,有可能當下你把這份感動給了出去,也有可能,它就這樣消失,蒸發了,再也找不到了。創作就是如此,抓住你手中滿滿的能量,帶著無限的期待與想像,一起實現稍縱即逝、瞬閒凝結的感動!
《實現 瞬間》是時媒所出版的第四本專刊,也是設計過程中挑戰極限、最有自信、成果最豐碩的一次。翻開這次的專刊,學生們像小飛俠彼得潘一樣地蹦跳彈飛,老師們在舊日泛黃的結婚照裡顧視相覷。古老的浪漫童話與現今時空交錯的怪誕,堆疊飽和鮮豔錯綜複雜交織而成的繽紛,同學、老師、校友們累積的創作、經驗、實驗、能量一股腦兒爆發出來,讓人看了欲罷不能!目不暇給!不能喘息!


Kristy ChaRay Chu

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