Degree Show 畢業展

2008 BFA

mirage: Come feel the illusion

我画時代 幻想式戲遊



創作的過程 是獨自穿越沙漠 尋找綠洲的旅人
總在靈感枯竭的刹那 看見荒蕪裡最美麗的幻象
藉由 虚擬的媒介 將每個人 所遇見不同的奇幻
傳達 給 未曾經歷過這一切的啟程者
潛入異度的幻像式思考 戲遊式的華麗冒險
以思維 畫入時代
向一切並一切 喝采
Bravo! to the age we belong
Bravo! to the Mirage that belong to you


2008 第八屆畢業班 全體學生



The fusion of animation and interactive gaming has created a new generation of “fantasy-style games.” These games combine collage, drawing, virtual reality, and interactive body-sensors, forming a new contemporary aesthetic for these modern times.
Shih Chicn University’s Department of Communications Design focuses on developing students who are independent, diverse, and interdisciplinary. Through the creation of animation and interactive games, students explore the relationship between people and their environment, as they consider issues ranging from the humanities, culture, biological problems, and nature. In this process, students gain valuable experiences in the fields of multi-media arts, management, art leadership, and planning as they embark on their professional careers.
The tide of our graduating class’s portfolio is “Our Generation, Drawn by Me.” In this book you will see how we, as animation artists and gaming designers, interpret and represent our world.


Chih-Sheng Su

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