Degree Show 畢業展

2007 MDES

OPEN: One Person’s Experimental Notes

開啟 實驗 手札



Finding happiness through design and in the midst of happiness experiencing the richness of life…
Every designer’s hands are filled with memories.
Every passing moment is filled with the possibility of joyfulness, from the small object in your everyday life to a single sentence that has had the greatest impact on you.
Do design, and in doing design, we are like masters and artists. Passionately using our hands to record every passing moment. Art does not have to be hard and serious. Instead it is an expression of life and a reflection of our experiences that like fashion changes with the weather and the season. Through our digitally processed artificial reality, we express the color and tastes of life, one fine brush stroke at a time,In the pages of this book, we bring you happiness and the experiences of living.
每一本設計師的手札,都有喜悦的成分累積。可能是生活裡隨意的小物件,也可能是影響你最深的一 句話。
做設計,do design,我們像設計大師、藝術巨匠一樣,


Kristy ChaRay Chu

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