Degree Show 畢業展

2006 MDES

art i facts

藝術 / 自我 / 真實



The title of this book, “Artifacts”, encapsulates Shih Chien University’s Institute of Fashion and Communications Design emphasis on balancing both creation (“art”) and knowledge (“facts”), a mission that is centered on the development of the students (“i”).
These pages immerse you in the creative vision of the program’s students, documenting the rich diversity of their innovative and evocative work in fields including fashion design, animation, graphic design, photography, painting, and sculpture. In these pages you can also see the close collaborative relationship between faculty and students and examples of the faculty’s recent international projects.
Artifacts enables you to experience the passion and spirit of these students’ creative journey to become the leaders of the next generation of international artist-scholars.
“Artifacts” 除了代表「人工製品」的意義,也包含了時媒所的特質一在融合藝術(“art”)與學術(“facts”)之間,強調學生的自我(“i”)表現。
Artifacts 帶領你進入時媒所學生的創意視野,經歷他們在數位概念設計、服装設計、動畫創作、攝影、繪畫與雕塑装置等各種不同領域中,豐富、充滿想像力的創作成果。你也可以看到時媒所教授們與學生親密的互動,以及他們共同在國際舞台上大放異彩的表現。
在 Artifacts 裡,你可以感染到學生的熱情,以及一股企圖成為台灣未來新一代設計新鮮人的決心。


Kristy ChaRay Chu

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