Freshman 一年級

Visual Psychology

Digital 3D Animation Design & Creative Media Design Common
數位 3D 動畫設計組 與 創意媒體設計組 共同修習

Visual perception has always been the main method for the human race to understand the external material world, experience actual situations, and establish value beliefs. Since the 19th century, with the technological progression, media forms carrying the visual signals have evolved from cavern images and drawings, to photography, to motion pictures, television, video recording, and then to the modern computer multimedia and artificial interactive networks driven by digital technology. Its rapid changes repeatedly impacted the cognition experience of the human race and also challenged the standards and rules of the encoding/decoding of information transmission. This course will chronologically examine modern psychology, artistic aesthetics, anthropology, and cultural studies as well as classic publications related to visual constitution and media styles to study the aesthetical characteristics formed by various visual media and their information transmission principles. Topics such as the collective value concept forming and cultural experience structure during the process of information transmission, which may involve reality/hypothesized reality/ transcended reality, will also be included. The objective is to prepare the students with multi-directional and philosophical thinking with a revolutionary perspective during visual experience critiques or debates or actual cultural creating processes.

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