Sophomore 二年級

Computer Aided Design

Digital 3D Animation Design 數位 3D 動畫設計組

This course will teach our students how to use MAYA software make their animation works. Content include, design character, write story, draw storyboard, writ animation production proposal, and edit music. Make students have the ability to complete the works of independent.
從認識軟體介面以及 MAYA 工具的使用示範,透過實際操作練習,將動畫的製作流程做初步的介紹,建立對 3D 動畫製作的完整概念和基本製作能力。

Creative Media Design 創新媒體設計組

Most of the C4D teaching courses are taught directly from the software interface and function. We used to learn this way before, but found that this way of learning is like reading an encyclopedia. After reading it, it will be forgotten, even doubting this. What is the function of numbness? ! So this time, I intend to “integrate the experience of many years of receiving cases and directly cut into the operation teaching of C4D from the project”, invite you to join me in a 3D animation project, let us start with the proposal design, use C4D to complete 3D drawing and Dynamic design
大多數的 C4D 教學課程都直接從軟體介面、功能教起,以前我們也是這樣學的,可是卻發現這樣的學習方式就像在讀百科全書一樣,看完了等到要用也就忘記了,甚至疑惑這功能到底要幹麻?!所以這一次我打算「整合多年接案的經驗,直接從專案切入 C4D 的操作教學」,邀請你跟我一起接一檔 3D 動畫製作專案,讓我們一起從提案設計開始,運用 C4D 完成 3D 繪圖與動態設計

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