Sophomore 二年級

The Interaction of Material and Perception

Explore the very important but often overlooked link in the field of innovative media design-media. This course focuses on exploring the definition, related topics and applications of “Material” in the major of innovative media design; including the types, characteristics, possibilities of materials in the digital age, and their possible impact and relationship on cognition. Relevant academic discourses will be analyzed in the course.
探究創新媒體設計領域裏非常重要,但卻常常被忽略的環節—— 媒材。本課程著重於探討創新媒體設計專業中「素材」(Material)之定義、相關議題與應用;包括數位時代中素材的種類、特質、可能性,及其對認知的可能影響與關係。課程中將分析相關學術論述。

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