Sophomore 二年級

Physical Computing

Rapid progress in science and technology, dialogue between people and machines, interaction from the early GUI ( Graphical User Interface) to TUI ( Tangible User Interface), the emergence of various AR / VR / MR technologies, through the microcontroller to understand the real world, procurement of electronic parts , Manual soldering, programming, from cloud applications to VR, world digital sensors and electronic components allow you to understand how technology and observation interactions realize their ideas.
科技的進展速度飛快,在人與機器的對話中,由早期的圖型化介面進展到實體介面,各種 AR/VR/MR 技術的興起,本課程從最底層的微型控制器開始了解真實世界與數位世界的各種感測器與電子元件,從零件採買、手工焊接、程式設計、雲端應用至 VR 結合,讓同學了解技術與觀察互動方式來實現自己的想法。

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