Junior 三年級

Media Aesthetics

There are 5 important points in this module
1.Art theory and historical material:
through the reading and analysis of art history and theory, students can learn the development of the contemporary art and become the solid basis of their creations.
2.Cognition of Arts:
The program of cognition of art, will through the introduction, visiting and discussion about the contemporary art works. During the course students will have the preliminary cognition about art. Further this training will also help students shaping the ability of analyzing, appreciating and understanding about art.
3.Practical exercise
a.Practical exercise will set a main topic to lighting students’ creative thinking. Topic design will focus on the school’s background, personal living environment and character. Exercise will help students to develop different kinds of interpretation, and lead students to recreate, re-innovation through various aspects. Also students will automatically to research and rethink about the nature of Design and Art.
b.The works of students will be presented in a small exhibition in the end of this semester or next semester. Through this exhibition students will learned the concept of art and exhibition. Further it will also encourage students to show their creativity.
4. Case study: Besides theory, students need to expand what they learn from the theory to the life basis, the goal of case study is to develop the students with the ability to observe the daily life and use it in their creations.
5.As an artistic profession, I would like to add some of my personal experiences as a response to the direction of school education of arts. Besides, in my personal opinion the fruitful results of learning are the sum of students’, teacher’s characters and the style of school.
這項課程的設計有 5 項重點:

1. 藝術理論與史料研讀:藉由藝術史與理論之解說與分析,讓學生了解當代藝術發展之脈絡,並從知識之學習累積成創作之基礎與動力。

2. 藝術認知:學生從一些當代藝術創作實例的介紹、參觀與討論中,得到對當代藝術作品的粗步認知,進而建立自我獨立見解與基本賞析的能力。

3. 創作實務:
a. 以一個限制性的主題誘發學生的創意思考,並著重以學校背景、個人生活環境與特質,以及學習重點進行各種面向的歧異詮釋、再創造、再發明。對於「設計」與「藝術」本身進行多層次的討論與研究。
b. 期末或於下學期舉行小型展覽,藉由創作作品與展覽的實際經驗,強化學生對於藝術與展演的概念,進而企圖提升學生的獨創能力的展現。

4. 案例分析:藉由理論之學習,將當代藝術知識運用到社會現象之觀察與分析,讓學生除了學習創作之外,也能將創作的敏感度延伸到生活週遭,目的在於將這些觀察結論再反饋運用到未來創作之上。
5. 以自身為藝術創作者的角度對於學校教學方向上的一個補充與回應,教學成果是學生、老師的特質與學校風格總和的整體面貌。

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