Junior 三年級

Digital Sculpture and Visual Modeling (I)
數位雕塑與視覺發展 (一)

The better point of view for learning software is actually training observation and expression skills. Whenever a new tool or method is acquired, the way of thinking is often expanded, and naturally, the modeling can be seen more deeply and expressed more clearly. By familiarizing students with ZBrush (hereinafter referred to as ZB), a simple but powerful digital sculpting software, learn to observe shapes and master their expressions; It is hoped that students will develop their own insights on styling in the process of continuous practice.
學習軟體較佳的視點,其實是在訓練觀察力與表達能力;每當習得一項新的工具與做法,往往思考方式也得到拓展,自然可以將造型看得更深入、表達得更清楚。 藉由讓學生熟悉ZBrush,這款簡易卻強大的數位雕塑軟體,學會觀察造型、並掌握造型的表達方式,期許學生在不斷練習的過程中,形成自己對造型的見解。

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