Freshman 一年級

Digital Prepress Design

This introductory course explores the practical applications of today’s graphic design software. The focus of the class will be on providing students with exposure to advanced concepts and procedures that are required in preparing art and designs for professional printing and digital publishing.
數位編輯設計的入門必須先行了解電腦是如何運用的。其次了解各軟體的特性,進而運用技術上的知識發展創意、設計。另外,對於電腦印前乃至於印刷的完整流程,也是這堂課的授課重點。 本課程讓我們充分了解平面印刷的流程,與印前製作之設計方法與策略,配合實際觀摩,使理論與實作兼顧。

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