Sophomore 二年級

Design Volunteer Service

Media Communication Design Department to emphasis on students aesthetic foundation, nurtured and cultivation of human thought, the implementation of multimedia communication and social, educational, cultural and economic interaction of the application, the target is to develop a cross-century art and design creative talent; public platform for cultural Foundation, Hualien and Taitung students to explore the artistic talent and create sustainable employment in the future as the input focus. Township, Hualien and Taitung partial general lack of educational resources, in order to open the partial Township students talent, in the summer, working with public platform to organize creative design camp, hope to provide a different experience to learn, lit children’s learning motivation and enthusiasm. Therefore, this course is specially designed for each of Hualien County and Taitung County high school grades to students in creative design tailored camp, students who want to make an interactive way of learning, activity, discussion and stimulate student creativity curriculum, improve participants for the design of cognition, the trainees for the design of the new direction of thinking and imagination. Discussion by sharing and exchanging experiences and see diverse aesthetics and design possibilities. While intensive work camp by this Department to expand the overall image characteristics and teaching philosophy, deepening of vector-borne educational outreach service functions and responsibilities, develop new social values ​​in order to activate remote areas of design education, and strengthen cultural issues of research, to enhance the Taiwanese culture and design industry level.
媒體傳達設計學系,以重視學生美學基礎,人文思潮的薰陶與培養,落實多媒體傳達與社會、教育、文化、經濟互動之應用,目標在於培養跨世紀的創意藝術與設計人才;公益平台文化基金會,以發掘花東學子的藝術天賦,創造永續就業的未來為投入的重點。 花東偏鄉的教育資源普遍缺乏,為了開啟偏鄉學子的天賦,在暑假,透過與公益平台合作,舉辦設計創作營隊,希望提供不同的體驗學習,點亮孩子們的學習動機與熱情。故本課程特別為花蓮縣及台東縣各高中、職等在地學生所量身訂做的設計創作營隊,希望讓學子們透過互動的學習方式,以活動、討論及課程激發學員創意,提升學員對於設計的認知,給予學員對於設計的全新思考方向及想像空間。藉由經驗分享與交流討論,看到美學和設計的多元可能性。 同時藉由此密集式工作營拓展系所整體形象與教學理念特色、深化媒傳教育推廣服務功能與責任、培養社會的新價值觀、以設計教育活化偏遠地區、強化文化議題的研究,提升台灣文化及設計產業的水平。

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