Junior 三年級

3D Modeling Practice
3D 形塑實務

Train the trainees to observe and train the objective objects and shape them through their own feelings. The concept of contemporary art is instilled in the actual practice process, so that students can cultivate the characteristics of personal artistic creation. In the teaching, the interactive application of traditional sculpture creation and 3D modeling software allows students to combine traditional artistic creation with computers.
訓練學員透過對客觀物的觀察訓練,並透過自身的感受加以形塑。在實際練習的過程中灌輸當代藝術的概念,讓學生能夠培養出個人藝術創作的特質。 教學中以傳統雕塑創作與3d建模軟體的交互應用,讓學生將傳統藝術創作與電腦相結合。

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